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A personal financial plan is an important map in personal financial management. You are a doctor, engineer, IT expert, artist, lecturer, … have a good income but can’t orient and always have difficulties in personal financial management. A one-on-one consultation with AFA Capital’s Financial Experts will give you the opportunity to have a two-way exchange of your problems and identify personal financial solutions to achieve sustainable financial health. strong and towards financial freedom and independence.

At AFA Capital, we set the core value as “INDEPENDENT” – “INDEPENDENCE” in analyzing and recommending neutral recommendations. Each personal financial plan document sent to customers will be independently screened and developed by AFA’s experienced team of experts to optimize the benefits of customers.

AFA Capital’s financial experts will arrange an appointment as a “Financial Doctor” for you and your family.


We at each age often have different goals and there will be no one right answer for all cases, but there are 2 types of goals that each person must clearly define so as not to confuse. in the use of resources

Needs: Goals that need to be achieved to ensure a stable life
Wanted Goals (Wants): Goals need more resources to have the desired life

In the process of setting up a plan for financial independence, knowing clearly in your life, at each stage of what are Needs and Wants, is extremely important and that with the experts of AFA Capital we will proceed. Go through the 6 steps of planning for financial independence with you

Establish the goal/relationship – Establish relationships and understand the financial goals of guests – Each guest will be different, some want to retire in a beach villa, some just like to hang out with their children and grandchildren.
Gather data – Collect customer information – Has the customer started accumulating, how many more years do they plan to work, there are 40 people who want to quit, but there are 65 people who still want to contribute, the plan will be different together.
Analyze data – Is this the easiest part, some excel formulas will tell us immediately how long to save at what interest rate to have enough money? However, in reality, experts will have to base on the client’s risk appetite for analysis.
Develop a plan – Develop a plan – Plans are numbers on paper, have to put it into practice What money to buy real estate? Which currency buys shares? What should the portfolio ratio be? Here the role of Financial Adivsor is important, must understand the financial market to advise customers to save, the time may be longer but will speed up the later stage, or pour into bonds and securities, have greater risk.
Implement the plan – Implement the plan – Sounds simple but this is the hardest part because it requires discipline in implementation
Monitor the plan Control the plan – Life is always changing, COVID comes and suddenly we are unemployed, so all assumptions about salary payments for home loans are gone, and then suddenly there are more babies. even though the plan is for them to be 5 years apart. Any changes need to be updated to control

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On the global  market financial , Wealth Management (WM –  Wealth Management) or  Advisory Property Management (WMA – Wealth Management Advisor) is not a new concept. Claimed to be nearly 100 years old, this term has been “popularized” by “old companies” like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley to separate “general” and “personal” customers.

Managing Property includes business analyzing and advising newinvestment opportunities as well as current-investment-portfolio-manager-for-customers-with High Net Worth –High Net Worth (HNW) super high (UHW – HiRon). External Property Managementwill  combine services providedby investment banks, asset management companies, retail banks to enhance income, increase stability and maintain stability. about taxes in the long term..

At AFA Capital, we provide research services to support our clients’ investment opportunities. With a team of experts with many years of experience, with analytical skills, financial reports, data research, AFA Capital will prepare investment analysis reports and support investors in the investment market. complex.


Portfolio management is a blend of art and science in making investment policy and investment decisions, tailored to an individual’s goals and expectations, allocating assets to both the individual and the individual. individual and organization and balance risk with performance (while taking into account each individual’s level of risk). Portfolio management is all about identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in choosing debt versus equity, domestic versus international, growth versus safety. , in an attempt to maximize return at a given level of risk.

AFA Capital will customize advice to the client’s risk and return requirements. Our role is to be your partner in data collection and analysis to provide you with financial market insights, with per-client analytical services providing solutions. Premium solutions for even the most seasoned investor.

Once we understand the expected return  you require from your capital, along with your risk appetite and ability to absorb investment losses, we can build your portfolio. This involves us creating a framework for your asset allocation that balances the risk you are prepared to accept against the return you hope to achieve.

Your investment portfolio will be advised by AFA Capital’s team in detail by asset class

Stocks – Includes analysis of listed stocks and investment opportunities in unlisted businesses

Bonds – Analysis of long-term risk and return as well as the fluctuations of less than 1 year of Government Bonds and Corporate Bonds

Real Estate, Precious Metals and Foreign Currency – Analyze and update price trends, influencing factors for you to balance the proportion of assets.

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The majority of clients do not track and manage their finances specifically by numbers, in addition to regularly making many wrong financial decisions from limiting the overarching vision of current financial health. It is difficult for customers to increase their assets sustainably without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their current finances. Clients should start capturing their financial metrics before projecting a plan or investment in the financial markets. Through cash flow data (income – expenses), asset and debt data, customers can be aware of the current financial situation and financial health, thereby having a solid basis for making future financial decisions. 


Understanding these, AFA Capital’s team has built a wi.afacapital platform to assist clients in managing and controlling unified and convenient financial information. Wi.afacapital directly supports customers:  

– Identifying risk profiles: Identifying your risk profile helps customers get valuable guidance in the process of financial accumulation and investment. 

– Cash flow, assets and debt management: The foundation that allows statistics and management of income – expenses, consumer assets, business assets, financial investment assets, real estate and debt, helping customers have the most comprehensive view of their financial status  

– Establish a financial independence plan:  The platform supports the client to establish a financial independence plan, helping customers to specify the time to complete the objectives and the corresponding assets. 

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Vietnam’s financial market is growing with a variety of financial investment products, some of which stand out with many benefits for individual investors. At AFA Capital, clients will work with a team of experts to establish personal financial plans, investment policies and consult the leading financial investment products in the market to increase their existing assets in a sustainable way. 


An open-ended fund certificate is a type of securities used to confirm ownership of capital contributed in a public investment fund. This is an investment model that is nearly 100 years old with the beginning of the Massachusetts Investors’ Trust in the US in 1924.   

With advantages such as high liquidity, large long-term returns, diversified stock portfolios and managed by professional investors. Open-ended funds are great for investors who don’t have much experience in financial markets, or for busy investors who don’t have time to observe the market.   

At AFA Capital, clients can easily use the F-market platform to invest in fund certificates from market-leading open-ended funds.   Fmarket stands for “Fund Market,” which allows investors to buy many of the top open-ended funds on the platform.   

At Fmarket, users can easily track a variety of open-ended fund certificate products through a centralized metric table compiled and updated by each trading session. As a result, investors do not spend much time accessing each different fund management company to monitor. Users can manage their investments in their open-fund certificates with just a single account at Fmarket.

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