Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

In the current business environment in Vietnam, businesses often face major tax-related challenges such as: Enterprises lacking an effective and reliable tax compliance system; It is impossible to keep up to date with the continuous change of tax laws; Different interpretations of the same tax law provisions; There is no careful preparation to defend their views when working with tax authorities; Arising tax expenses not included in the plan due to disagreements with tax authorities about the interpretation of tax law provisions, leading to the possibility that they are considered tax violations and severely punished. . In addition, many businesses in Vietnam do not have the habit of planning tax cost optimization plans when deploying new business plans or restructuring businesses because there is not enough human resources required to plan. careful and efficient tax planning results in a waste of tax savings opportunities.

AFA Capital can assist you with tax challenges

The tax advisory service that AFA Capital provides to our customers is diverse, including tax advice and assistance in complying with regulations related to corporate income tax, value added tax, and foreign contractor tax. and personal income tax. We also provide import, export and transfer tax services. We regularly update our customers with the latest changes to Vietnam’s tax regulations and advise our clients on the most effective ways to organize their operations in Vietnam, as well as provide early warning and assistance in dealing with risks.

Tax health check in Vietnam.

We provide pre audit tax health check services in Vietnam to:

Identify potential tax exposures and recommend early adjustments to minimize your Company being penalized; Recommend options to deal with “grey area” issues; Identify tax saving opportunities and recommend how to realize these opportunities; Recommend how you can strengthen your tax compliance system; and Equip you with technical knowledge and /or arguments to protect your chosen position when debating with tax authorities.

 Tax controversy in Vietnam.

AFA Capital has often time successfully dealt with the tax authorities in various difficult tax cases for clients whilst maintaining strong business relationships with Vietnamese authorities at both central and provincial levels. Our tax controversy offers the followings: Tax audit assistance, including TP audit; Verbal discussion and advice from tax and custom authorities; and Tax petition services (i.e. assistance in obtaining tax rulings). –

Tax planning in Vietnam.

Review your business plan/business objectives; Build different tax scenarios to match with your business plan/business objectives; Provide a pros and cons analysis for the tax scenarios, recommend the best scenarios; Recommend changes to your business plan, if necessary to maximize tax benefits while balancing other objectives i.e. legal, commercial; Work with different teams of your organization or with your legal advisor.

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